I am a Fullstack Web Developer in Brisbane specialising in VueJS and focusing on UI/UX.

Creating slick, fast and easy-to-use interfaces for responsive web applications is my passion. Modern web interfaces don't have to be slow or frustratingly difficult to understand. A good User Interface with the right approach towards a better User Experience can make or break a successful web app.
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VueJS has supercharged my creativity and productivity

Since the last 20 months I am working nearly 80% of my time with VueJS, Vuex and Nuxt, while I spend the remaining 20% of my time to work in backend and APIs and CI/CD. Because of the VueJS eco-system, which includes the VueCLI, Vuex (the state management library) and Nuxt (server-side rendering, PWA), my development processes as well as the quality and robustness of my projects have been increased by a landslide.

User Interface features that seemed too hard and complicated to design, test and deploy are almost stupidly easy to do now. I will present my latest projects in my portfolio here very soon to showcase some great examples.

I strive to create and improve user interfaces to make them clear and understandable. Workflows need to have supporting user stories to make them efficient and I my approach ist to research, test and re-iterate to get the best outcome for users. My work also includes improvements on important key performance measures such as TTFMP (Time to first meaningful paint), TTIT (Time to Interactive) as well as Lead and Conversion Rates in ecommerce projects.

I build design systems and reusable components to improve efficiency and consistency

To speed up the development process I experienced in recent projects that allocating more time to plan user interfaces and workflows and then architect and build design systems is saving a substantial amount of time in the actual development process. Since we (my team and I at work) changed our approach to use tools like Storybook (an interactive catalog of components) and Figma, there have been a lot less situationes where we had to go back and forth in the development process, which lead to less iterations and less "wasted" time from the QA/UAT teams.

Proper planning and catalogueing helped us to find a better (yet not perfect to be honest) balance between re-usability and isolation of single components and how to write them in a way that those cause less side-effects, are easier to test (unit tests) in a test-driven development environment but are also easier to maintain and update. Of course I learned from many mistakes along this journey and this helped speeding up more recent projects.

Feel free to have a look at my (yet) small repository of free VueJS UI Widgets on GitLab

Furthermore I have a vast amount of experience working with modern methodologies and frameworks such as jQuery (UI, Mobile), Twitter Bootstrap, Material Design, Element.io as well as tooling applications like Bower, Gulp, ansible, phing etc.. Working with OpenGraph, oAuth, OpenSSL, REST, JSON and cURL is part of my daily routine too. 

Throughout the last 10 years in development I had been working with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, OpenCart, Koobi CMS, Shopify,Magento, OXID Shop and many more content management, project management and ecommerce systems. I am used to work in a team environment where code versions shared and code reviews done via GIT.

User Interface for Nunki

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