I am a Fullstack Web Developer in Brisbane specialising in VueJS and focusing on UI/UX.

Creating slick, fast and easy-to-use interfaces for responsive web applications is my passion. Modern web interfaces don't have to be slow or frustratingly difficult to understand. A good User Interface with the right approach towards a better User Experience can make or break a successful web app.
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User Interface

My approach in creating or improving user interfaces is to make them clear to understand, design an efficient workflow to get tasks done, get the right balance of information visualisation, improve loading and render times and last but not least never disappoint or frustrate the user.

When it comes to development skills I focus on clear, efficient , readable and re-usable code. In the recent past I have gathered a vast amount of experience realising commercial projects with the reactJS library and especially with the VueJS framework. Working with Webpack, npm/yarn and various other frontend toolsets I have created beautiful and fast interactive web applications. Besides writing code in Javascript (currently ECMA6) my other strengths as a true full-stack dev are SQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS/SCSS and animated SVG.

Development Tools
Content, Project and eCommerce Management Systems

Furthermore I have a vast amount of experience working with modern methodologies and frameworks such as jQuery (UI, Mobile), Twitter Bootstrap, Material Design, Element.io as well as tooling applications like Bower, Gulp, ansible, phing etc.. Working with OpenGraph, oAuth, OpenSSL, REST, JSON and cURL is part of my daily routine too. 

Throughout the last 10 years in development I had been working with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, OpenCart, Koobi CMS, Shopify,Magento, OXID Shop and many more content management, project management and ecommerce systems. I am used to work in a team environment where code versions shared and code reviews done via GIT.

User Interface for Nunki

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