Project ○○○ ONTRATO (Academic Training Tool) (April 2016)

Online TrainingTool

Ontrato is an ongoing project in cooperation with the Griffith University. I have developed an online training tool which allows lecturers at the Griffith University to create interactive questionnaires for their students. This tool enables teachers to measure how well their students have understood the subject and let them identify potential road blocks. Lecturers can tailor each questionnaire to create either single-choice, multiple-choice or text-answer-based questions.

Questionnaires can also have a countdown timer to give students a set time or, on the the other hand, can record the time taken for each answer. Images, Videos, PDF documents and describing text can be included individually for each questionnaire and all results are stored in a relational database.

Update from August 2019

I am currently re-engineering Ontrato. With the help of VueJS, Vuex and Nuxt, this training tool is becoming a modern PWA (Progressive Web App) that is completely configurable by University admin staff. The first release is scheduled for the 25th of September 2019.

Included in this project is

  •   Web Design
  •   Web Development
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