Project ○○○ Jimny World- Suzuki Jimny Aftarmarket Parts Store in Brisbane (November 2020)

Fully designed e-commerce System

For this local Suzuki Jimny Aftermarket parts dealer in Brisbane I have developed a sophisticated ecommerce system with customer-, stock-, voucher-, stock-prediction- and marketing management capabilities. To entirely support and fulfill the client's requirements I have designed and created an ecommerce system that can be managed by a single administrative person.

Helps small businesses getting big business

I have designed this e-commerce system particularly to help time-poor owners of businesses with a very small number of personnel (or even sole traders). It can be set up and ran with very little time effort while managing parts of the sales and after-sales process itself and helping the business owner to stay on top of everything. The shop handles orders and prioritizes the ones that have been paid for (payment options are Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer) for the business owners. It automatically sends out invoices and as soon as the order items are ready for shipping the customer can be informed via email (including a tracking code) about the status of their shipment.

Stock management is super simple and automated for the most part. The stock status ('only 4 left', 'out of stock') is reflected in the frontend too. The Admin dashboard warns the shop owner about items that are close to be out of stock and gives predictions based on historical (seasonal) data on how long particular stock items will last.

Best SEO practices to drive organic traffic

The shop's front-end is search-engine friendly to the maximum. For example, makes use of Google rich meta guidelines as well as using SSL throughout the entire shopping process. Self-describing URLs help to attract search engine users. Also, special care has been given for its performance as well as mobile-friendliness. Page loads are never over 2 seconds (fully rendered in the client's browser). And the work paid out. Within the first 10 days after publishing this shop has generated more than 15 sales entirely from organic search rankings and has attracted more than 500 visitors - with no advertising whatsoever.

Update (21.08.2018)

I've developed new shop features such as rich category descriptions (to further help the shop ranking in the search engines). A shopping cart recovery feature helps customers to make a purchase decision by notifying them about special offers, packages, and discounts. Furthermore, I developed and designed a Membership area where customers can find all their invoices, their ordering history, collect reward points, and can buy memberships that allow them discounts. JK Warehouse now (after nearly 3 months online) has about organic 90-110 visitors daily and a conversion rate of 4.01%.

Included in this project is

  •   Web Design
  •   Web Development
  •   Logo Design
  •   Photography
  •   Branding
  •   Content Creation
  •   SEO
  •   Print Design
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