Project ○○○ Point of Sale Software POS (VueJS) (August 2019)

Point of Sales (POS) Progressive Web App based on VueJS and Nuxt

Building a Point of Sales System is one of the more challenging and honestly intimidating projects. Because POS terminals are mostly used in customer-facing locations, these applications have to be absolutely robust, performant and have to have a simple to use interface so that even untrained staff members can easily jump in to help out.

The POS we built is a platform-agnostic progressive web app that is based on VueJS and Nuxt. And given the short timeframe we had to build the app, it has already some impressive core-features. On the technology side, we got full responsiveness down to a phablet-sized phone (ie. iPhone7 Plus), fast background-syncing even on 3G-based wireless networks and a fully automated, bi-directional EFTPOS connection through tappr.

On the feature-side, we implemented:

- Full CRM connection to lookup and create customers on the fly with a lightning-fast customer lookup
- Queuing feature to put multiple orders on hold to serve another customer
- Fully customisable QuickSets to organise catalogue items in tabs
- Dark-Mode that adjusts the User Interface for dark environments to be more eye-friendly
- Real-time type-ahead product search
- Sales and Marketing Channels for reporting
- Sales Dashboard
- Terminal User Management
- End of Day Cashup Reports
- Customisable POS interface to match with branding of the business

Included in this project is

  •   Web Design
  •   Web Development
  •   Logo Design

Noteworthy Features

  • VueJS
  • Nuxt
  • tappr (eftpos)

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